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Martha W. Lisa

Martha W. Lisa, M.Ed. Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

  • (407) 599-7141
  • 1879 Lee Road, Winter Park, FL 32789, USA
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I have been a practicing licensed therapist since 1980. Theoretically I come from a family systems perspective; I see problems within the context of relationships. I focus on the dynamics between the couple and am particularly interested in identifying patterns of behavior, how the couple interact verbally and nonverbally, how they deal with or avoid their differences,where they get stuck and how they recover from and reconnect after disagreements. I am interested in how the couple view each other and their marriage, how they view their roles, what needs aren’t being met, how they nurture their relationship, their spiritual life and their family life.

After having each partner verbalize his/her view of the problem, getting a history of the relationship and family of origin, and getting their view of marriage and their roles as spouses, I ask the couple to create a vision of their ideal marriage. This creates a mutual framework in which to explore what each partner can do to move from focusing on the problem to creating a solution.

I believe an important role I play is educator. I use several sources from the latest research to teach couples the skills they need to have a successful, fulfilling relationship. I encourage couples to read John Gottman’s “The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work.” I give couples specific tasks to do between sessions to help them incorporate what is talked about in sessions.

I have seen too many couples divorce unnecessarily because they couldn’t see beyond the problem and recognize they could create a different relationship. I want to help couples get beyond the problem and facilitate exploration of possibilities for change in their marriage.

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