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Patricia Kenemore LCSW, ACSW

Marriage Therapist

  • (317) 587-0932
  • 1111 East 54th St., Ste. 117, Indianapolis IN 46220
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My commitment is to provide education, coaching, and counseling to enable couples to reduce marital conflict and restore loving communication and emotional connection. In my work with couples, I provide a structured method of communication which creates safety and boundaries while empathy and communication deepen between partners. You will learn tools for problem solving, reducing conflict, and enhancing intimacy. You’€™ll learn what’€™s coming in your marriage and how to prepare, what’€™s normal and to be expected. You’€™ll apply the latest research to your relationship.

Studies have found that married couples with effective, learned, interpersonal skills succeed while those without fail. These skills can be taught to all couples at any stage of marriage. Positive, healthy ways of communicating can replace old, ineffective, negative patterns and habits. A truly healthy marriage is physically and emotionally safe for both partners and their children.

It will take time, work, focus, determination and effort to get there–but the benefits are worth it!

I am a licensed clinical social worker/therapist specializing in couples relationship counseling. I have over thirteen years of experience-€“five years at a pastoral counseling center in Methodist Hospital, and eight years in private practice. I have received training in Imago Relationship Therapy, Internal Family Systems, the Couples Institute, Mind/Body Wellness and AD/HD.

  • Licensed, Experienced, Caring
  • Confidential &  Private
  • Male Friendly
  • Evenings and some weekends available
  • Humor Appreciated

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