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Posted By Danka Bogott on 05/24/2019

How You Know Your Marriage Is in Trouble

How You Know Your Marriage Is in Trouble

How do you know that your marriage is in trouble and you need help?

There is a lot of writing about how you know your relationship needs the help of therapy.

Or how you know that your marriage is already beyond helping. Because your relationship has been on life-support for too long.

It's all talking at the macro level.

Your communication is essentially non-existent.

Your lives are totally disconnected.

You make your own decisions about how you spend your energy, time and money.

You hardly spend any time together.


Your marriage is in trouble - The signs on a day to day basis

That's all fine and dandy.

I want to tackle it at the micro level.

Because while the macro level - or the bird's eye view, if you will - might be helpful and all, it still remains hundreds of feet (or yards even) away and isn't typically specific enough.

It's all taking about the capital I issues.

Like the capital T marital Trauma.

It's all talking about things in general. Often, way too general.

The question then remains : What does that look like in real life?

How do I know that my marriage has taken a wrong turn?

Here's how:

Your marriage is in trouble - EXHIBIT A:

You leave work early.

Because your meeting got done sooner than expected, or it didn't happen at all.

Or you wanted to avoid the snow before it really came down. Or - you actually got your to-do list accomplished early and are able to make it a short afternoon.

Or - just because. Whatever it is.

Driving up your street, you notice your spouse's car in the driveway.

This is what happens next...

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