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Posted By Dan Amzallag on 06/18/2019

Message from the Universe: A life to be proud of!

Message from the Universe: A life to be proud of!

“Some things should just be done for the fun of it.

Not because they’re inexpensive, practical, organic, logical, fashionable, modest, brilliant, green, expected, proper, spiritual, thinning, fattening, prudent, or GMO-allergen-smoke-chemical free.

Supersize me,
The Universe”

Not everything in life should be taken seriously. Yes, we all have responsibilities, bills to pay, work to attend, family obligations, etc… The only thing you never want to do is not having done the things you always wanted to do and not accomplished because of lack of time, or courage, or because others discouraged you in doing them. When time come to depart, you will always wonder why you didn’t go that extra mile or why didn’t you tried a bit harder. You want to avoid living the remaining days of your life regretting the why’s. There is so much out there to do and experience and you do not want to miss out on any of it. Whatever passion you find from within, figure out a way to take it out and do something about it. Know that if you let yourself know and believe that everything will turn out OK, you may want to take that leap of faith and jump off that cliff. Your parachute will eventually open for you to experience what life has to offer and will not get hurt on arrival.

You must expect some scratches, and pain during your descent as you body may hit a few rocks here and there, but you will survive. There is nothing that will stop you from getting to where you want to be. Do not fear, as it will create a bigger obstacle in your life. Some other may stay on top of that cliff that you just jumped off because they want to live in their little comfort zone, where everything is safe. They will never grow, they will never succeed, they will stay where they are with not so much of a positive change in their lives. If you want to experience something meaningful and not regret the way you lived your life, take that leap of faith and feel greatness flowing through your veins. Many of the people standing on top of that cliff will respond with: “Wow, look at his courage. He will surely succeed”.