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Posted By Dan Amzallag on 06/18/2019

Message from the Universe: The wondering why’s!

Message from the Universe: The wondering why’s!

“Ever wonder why you sometimes feel like you’re on top of your game? Ever wonder why you sometimes feel so safe, secure, and deeply loved? Ever wonder why there are days when you feel invincible, unstoppable, and… well, like “King of the World”?

Actually, Your Highness, I often wonder why you don’t always have those feelings.

Impressed beyond belief,
The Universe”

We have our moments of joy and sadness and that happens to every human beings on Earth. You can’t always be happy, unless you are under the influence of something that many people would love to have everyday, so it is totally normal to sometime feel down at times. During the moment of feeling great, happy, being on top of the world are moments that should be cherished but also duplicated as much as you possibly can. The frequency doesn’t really matter as it is up to you to decide how long you want to stay in this stage of euphoria or what triggers these moments of happiness? Everyone have different happiness triggers, and that is because many define happiness differently. For the sick, happiness is being able to go out in nature and have enough energy to go for a walk and enjoy the little things in life. For the healthy, happiness means wealth and travel, having a family or wanting more than what others already have. For the richest, is to keep their wealth and keep on getting richer, at others expense, unfortunately.

Positive mind renders positive results. So why not stay as positive as you much as you possibly can? It doesn’t cost you anything to think positive right? The most amazing part of this positive process is that the Universe will figure out a way for the HOW to happen, for the rendering process of positive outcome coming into your life. We all need to take control of our own future, and it is up to us to work towards our goal and figure the best way to reach it. You can either abandon ship and resort to working for someone else to go for stability and weekly paycheck, but will always wonder if you would have continued on your original path and kept moving forward with your dreams. Do you want to regret it for the rest of your life or tough it up and do anything it takes to make things happen? The choice is yours to make.

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