Posted By Tony Wildey on 07/18/2019



Marriage counseling is my specialty, and I love meeting couples and working through issues and problems together!  It is very rewarding to see couples leave my office after sessions holding hands and smiling as they leave.  I don't make promises about how things will go, but if you and your spouse come to counseling with the idea in mind that you will do what it takes to make yourselves more content and refocused, then you can probably count on success.  I don't force my beliefs on you, but can incorporate them into the counseling if you like.  Mainly, we focus on what you want for your marriage and relationship and work to get the two of you where you want to be.

If you are a Christian, you can expect that some biblical principles and even scripture references will be brought into the counseling,  If not, I meet you where you are coming from and we work toward harmony and peace from there.  My goal is to help you understand and realize your love.  This is key to helping you empathize with one another and bring about change.

I am also a SYMBIS facilitator and a PAIR facilitator, which both help to understand your characteristics and personality traits.  Understanding why you act the way you do is helpful, so we get to the root of your family of origin or what happened to you growing up that shaped who you are today.  Then we can bring all of this information into the counseling session to develop understanding about the two of you.

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