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Posted By Rebecca Parkey on 03/30/2021

So Much To Be Thankful For

So Much To Be Thankful For

As I sit down to write this morning and have been pondering what I wanted to write about, my focus keeps going back to two things.  The first focus point, is that this is Holy Week.  I am sad to say that this really is the first time in my life that I have really spent Holy Week focusing my energy and time pondering, thinking, and praying about what God has given us.  I told my husband on Palm Sunday last week that I really wanted to focus on the sacrifices that God has made for us so that we may receive life eternal. In doing so, it brings me back again and again to thankfulness and knowing that he is so gracious. 

The second focus point is the book I am writing.  I truly do believe that God has his hand in the book that I am writing and that it is meant to help others who have been through trials in their lives that seem unbearable.  As I have written different passages, blogs articles, and talked with different people, I am hearing stories already of how it is helping people to hear that they are not alone in their struggles. 

In my upcoming book I will be connecting three different truths:  
Truth #1: Abuse, whether it be psychological, physical, sexual, domestic violence, or others, are more common than anyone talks about because of the stigma behind it.
Truth #2: Women, especially the women in my story are resilient and have the ability to overcome the trauma that comes with the abuse and traumatic backgrounds that the have endured. In addition I will discuss ways in which they overcame these traumatic events, as well as skills that will help build resilience.
Truth #3:God knows that there are times of weakness and trial and he wants us to help one another, to lift one another up, to Love Our Neighbor As Ourselves. He has given each of us different gifts, and in those gifts we are to serve others. 

The stigma of mental health in different faiths is at the beginning of the end, and they are embracing the truth that everyone needs help at sometime in their life for different reasons.  The youth pastor at our congregation said it best.  I was teaching communication skills to a group of about 20 plus students and he said, "The people who go to therapy are the healthy ones.  It is when you don't go and get what you need that you are unhealthy.  Just like when you're supposed to go to the doctor and you don't.  You get sicker."  This made me smile.  He really summed it up for the students. And he showed how positive it can be to get therapy when you need it. 

I look forward to continuing to write and acknowledge the truths that God has revealed to me through his word. I believe that he is of course the one true God, and I am so thankful that he sent his Son as a Savior for us All. God Bless you this Easter Week.

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