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Benefits of Joining the Registry for Couples Therapists


Benefits of Joining the Registry

  • The recognition of being listed on the premier marriage-specific resource for couples to locate well-trained, and personally committed therapists online.
  • A professional and attractive registry directory listing to advertise your practice and commitment to couples and individuals looking to save their relationship.
  • Unlimited self-edits to your profile which includes a prominent therapist photo, personalized profile statement, and links of your choice.
  • The ability to post (YouTube or Vimeo) videos, podcasts, workshops or other events on your profile page.
  • The ability to offer links to purchase your products and publications such as books and audio books.
  • Visibility through referrals from like-minded therapists on the Registry and from our marriage-related partner sites.
  • Permission to use the Registry logo on your website identifying you as part of the part of the widespread therapeutic movement that the Registry stands for and values.
  • Placement of your name in our directory for your city of choice and access to your profile with our search tool that which looks for therapists within a radius of any client's zip code or keywords that describe your specialties as a therapist.
  • We will also review your profile and personally welcome you aboard so you can be assured another set of eyes will see your profile before it goes live.

Membership Dues

Your membership dues go entirely to improving Marriage Friendly Therapists in areas like our web platform, search engine marketing strategies, and awesome support team. There are several options to fit your needs:

$26 Monthly Plan - includes one office location

$40 Monthly Plan - includes two office locations

$286 1-Year Plan - ($23.83/mo) includes two office location

$336 1-Year Plan + "Featured Therapist" listing - ($28.00/mo) includes two office locations

$512 2-Year Plan - our best value includes three office locations and "Featured Therapist" listing

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