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Posted on 08/02/2021

6 Ways Exercise Can Help Your Relationships

6 Ways Exercise Can Help Your Relationships

The benefits of working out are well-known to all of us. Your body will get fit, your muscles will grow, and you’ll prevent some chronic diseases if you work out regularly. Yet, no one probably told you before that exercising can help your relationships.

Exercising triggers your body to secrete endorphin and antidepressant hormones, which puts you in a good mood and relieves your stress. Can that help your relationship grow stronger?

Here are six simple ways exercise can help your relationships.

1. Sharing Is Caring

Whether it’s a packet of fries or a full-fledged workout plan, sharing is the epitome of caring. Sharing anything with your partner, sibling, or friend, helps you create a strong bond that enables you to stay together. 

For example, think about sharing your favorite series with a friend. It’ll be ten times better when you have someone to share your opinions with. Likewise, exercising with your partner helps you create an unbreakable bond. 

Working out is associated with positive feelings, such as getting energetic, feeling satisfied, and getting rid of stress. When you share those moments with your partner, you’ll both be in a state of euphoria that’ll make it hard to think about anything negative.

A study was carried out on married couples who join fitness programs together and those who do it alone. As it turns out, 43% of the couples who worked out alone eventually dropped out. Meanwhile, the couple who went together only had a 6.3% drop-out rate. 

Sharing a goal and working on reaching it together is much better than working on your own. In addition, you’ll encourage your partner to continue, and vice versa. So, getting demotivated won’t be a problem anymore.

2. Reduced Stress

Exercising releases endorphin and antidepressant hormones, which maintain better mental health for both you and your partner. When you work out every day or three times a week, you minimize the effect of stress on your body.

Stress can cause you to lash out at your partner, ditch your home chores, or become extra anxious. In addition to that, it can have its toll on your body, causing headaches and similar issues.

Exercising reduces these negative feelings, leading to a healthier way of communicating your thoughts with your partner. Eventually, you’ll be able to lead a peaceful relationship.

3. “I Want to Do Like Mom and Dad”

Children who constantly see their parents working out are more likely to lead a healthy lifestyle when they grow up. When you were a kid, you probably remember seeing your mother or father doing something and thinking of imitating them. 

In my case, those were high heels and cooking aprons. For other kids, those were exercising outfits and fitness programs. Of course, a kid who grew up on the essence of exercising is more likely to be fit than a kid who loved to strut around with high heels!

What I’m trying to say is, when your children see you working out together or following a diet plan, they’ll want to do the same. Parents are their kids' role models—at least until they grow up and find their own paths. So, working out with your partner isn’t only useful for you both, but it also benefits your children substantially.

4. Confidence on the Rise

Self-confidence isn’t easy to acquire. All it needs is an outfit that brings out your flaws, and voila! Confidence is down the drain. 

Associating self-confidence with body image is wrong since we all have flaws, and everyone is beautiful in their own way. However, some people can’t help it, and exercising is one great way to curb the feeling.

Even if you started working out recently, the feeling of taking a step alone would increase your confidence. When you actually begin to see results, it’ll get ten times better. 

Having low self-esteem can affect a relationship significantly. If you don’t feel confident enough in front of your partner, a lot of problems will stem out. So, in a way, exercising does help your relationships by raising your confidence.

5. Motivation? Check

It’s pretty easy to ditch a workout if you’re on your own. You can find plenty of excuses, such as home chores, work, or laziness. If you’re going with your partner, it’s a whole different story. It’ll be more challenging to get lazy when your partner is waiting at the door wearing their trainers!

On top of that, if your partner is working towards a challenging goal, you’ll want to help them reach it. So, you probably won’t leave them alone until you both see results. That goes both ways in case you’re the one with the major goal.

Your relationship will be much healthier then because you’ll be fully understanding the journey to fitness, and you’ll be a part of it.

6. More Time Together

It’s sometimes pretty hard to find some alone time with your partner, especially if you’re married, have kids, and you both have jobs. Working out together is a break out of the day’s chaos, a chance to spend some time together working towards a unified goal. If you spend that time voicing out your thoughts in a stressed way, it could turn to a fight in an instance.

In a way, you’re devoting a chunk out of your day to your partner, and you’re relieving stress, getting fit, and growing your muscles in the process without mentioning anything negative. It’s a significant emotional boost for you two, and it’s one way of making your relationship a priority amidst the daily tasks.

Final Thoughts

Exercising isn’t only about love relationships; it can improve your relationships with the people around you, too, especially when you’re all working towards a joint goal. It can improve your relationship with your friends, family, or kids. 

However, it can have a pretty significant effect on your relationship with your partner. When you’re not stressed, you’re able to see things from a better perspective, and you can voice out your thoughts without lashing out. Not to mention, you’ll both get incredibly fit!


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