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Posted on 11/19/2021

Steps to Keeping the Peace with Your Partners Family

Steps to Keeping the Peace with Your Partners Family

During the holidays it can become somewhat stressful to have family over and get everything ready for your guests. This can be especially stressful when your partner's family comes over. Let's take thanksgiving for example, it is a day of eating turkey, football, and sitting around the table talking about how thankful we are. This all sounds great, but everyone knows that things do not go as planned when you have to host dinner for your partner's family. While everyone is thankful for each other, not everyone will get along with each other. There can be ways in order to keep the peace as much as possible without having a bad/stressful thanksgiving. 

  1. The first step would be preparation. It can be stressful having that person from the extended family that you are not close to being there. Preparing for their arrival can help relieve this stress. Communicating with your partner can be helpful with making sure that everyone gets along together.
  2. The second step is to make sure there is no tension between you and your partner’s family. During Thanksgiving, many reconcile and let go of any problems they may have. Forgiveness can be a great step into having a great Thanksgiving. This can also be said for your partner as well. If they may be feeling as there is tension it may be best to help reconcile them. Being the person from both sides will help as you will know how both sides feel and can better help resolve the situation.
  3. The third step is planning out the evening ensuring that things can run as smoothly as possible. With having family over, especially if they are your partner’s family, it can be a tad difficult to know how to plan the night. This is especially important when it comes to preparing the food in the kitchen. Your partner’s family members may offer to help and this can be difficult as you may or may not like to be in the kitchen alone and do things how you like. Leaving room for others to help if they offer or accept any dish they arrive with will make things run more smoothly and won’t ruin the planned evening.
  4. The fourth step is to enjoy the time with those around us and have gratitude towards everyone even if we may not like that person. We sit around the table and are thankful for being here and healthy. When we let go of our own inner grudges, even for one evening, it can let you and your partner have a stress-free evening. While you and your partner are a team letting go and getting along with your partner’s family will also make your partner happy and less stressed. 


In the end, Thanksgiving is not about who is going to cook the turkey or who won the football game. Thanksgiving is about being able to get together and let go of any resentment we may have towards one another and have a peaceful Thanksgiving. Not only will these four steps help you with having a good evening, but they will also make the evening less stressful for your partner and their family. Keeping the peace between each other will let you, your partner, and their family have a meaningful Thanksgiving.

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