Posted by Lori Carpenos on 07/01/2019 in Retreat
3 Principles Retreat

3 Principles Retreat

Wheel of Bliss Retreat Center, Hot Springs, NC

Start Time
10/24/2019 08:00 am
End Time
10/27/2019 5:00 pm
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Aside from relaxation and rejuvenation, this week will help you gain an understanding of the human condition which will play out in your personal and professional life in ways you can't begin to imagine. But unless you've been to other 3 Principles retreats you won't know what we mean, you have to experience it yourself.  

We'll discuss how Mind, Thought, and Consciousness work in tandem to create your life and how you may use that to your advantage or disadvantage depending upon your level of understanding. You will begin to see how it works and feel it for yourself, in the form of an insight which is deep and everlasting.

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