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Posted by on 05/10/2021 in Other
Maureen Tamillow Presents: Love in the Time of COVID

Maureen Tamillow Presents: Love in the Time of COVID

The Webinar Will Be Held on Zoom

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05/20/2021 1:00 pm

Join Maureen in Discussing: 

Love in the Time of COVID

Webinar Description:

Maureen will be presenting on the popular takes on marriage and relationships in the time of COVID. There are currently contradictory facts and interpretations on the state of marriage and relationships. She will be drawing on her personal observations in therapy and the current professional literature on the subject. There will be a time for a few participants to share their brief observations on what they are seeing in their own practice. 

We will provide a non-copyrighted coronavirus anxiety workbook that has been prepared by the wellness society and supported by Jamma International. This workbook will be helpful for your clients now as well as post-COVID.

About Maureen:

Maureen is a long-time registry member who has extensive experience as a psychotherapist, educator, and addiction treatment specialist.

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