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Posted by Lori Carpenos on 09/26/2019 in Retreat
Rejuvenate Your Relationship in Paradise

Rejuvenate Your Relationship in Paradise

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Start Time
12/07/2019 8:00 am
End Time
12/13/2019 5:00 pm
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Paradise Partner Retreat

Want to get away, relax, and transform your relationship in a beautiful environment?

This retreat is for anyone who is married, engaged, in a loving relationship or who wishes they were. It is for those experiencing difficulties in their relationships or those already in satisfactory relationships who want them to function on an even higher plane. We will be hosting a week-long Couples Retreat in the Dominican Republic. The week will consist of relaxation, activities, presentations, group exercises and more.

It will be facilitated by Lori Carpenos LMFT, Jack Pransky PhD, and Nicole Beasley PhD. Within safe and secure group sessions dealing with common issues we will help couples understand the secret to a deep and everlasting love.

Everyone has the capacity to create a healthy, loving relationship. This week will help you gain an understanding of how we either assist or sabotage our most intimate relationships and, if the latter, how to get back on the right track.

We will offer this understanding, from our own experience and the people with whom we've worked. There are some underlying principles - that once a couple sees and understands how they work, it becomes difficult to continue to sabotage what could be a perfectly fine relationship.

We have created a wonderful program for attendees. Our intention is for you to leave the retreat understanding how Three Principles arise in any relationship, how to stay in relationship with them in a way that supports Love, how to deal with problem situations as they arise in a way that supports a healthy relationship, how to deeply listen to each other to create understanding, how to find the "We" in a relationship, understanding a common, destructive cycle that often rears its head in relationships and how to transcend it, how to allow love to overcome fear, and return home with a solid understanding of how to sustain what you have gained during our time together.

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