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Cherlisa Jackson, MA, MPH, LAPC, NCC, CHES (Prelicensed Associate)

Relationship & Couples Counseling
Atlanta Georgia 30331

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About  Cherlisa Jackson

Oftentimes we enter into relationships still damaged or wounded from previous situations and hand over a broken mindset, heart, and level of communication to a new partner who did not break it. Thereafter, we get stuck in a pattern of blaming our need for preferences as reasons that new situations fail to thrive, rather than provide ownership that our excuses are built from things we cannot accept. The importance of finding wholeness prior to entering into a relationship is ideal; however, can prove challenging for individuals who discover their wounds with a partner who challenges their growth which uncovers avoided pain. I understand that couples typically bring different habits of mental, emotional, financial, spiritual, and physical health into a relationship that set the tone for how healthy conflict resolution might be and how focused on teamwork both partners might experience in couples therapy or outside of it. I have over 10 years in couples therapy work and relationship counseling, including sexual health and pleasure education, as well as improving self-esteem. Relationships are meant to have differences and I am confident that my therapy approach can help provide clarity to those differences.

Whether counseling couples through marriage, premarital resolutions, or in the preservation of marriage health, I attempt to help couples understand “why” they are stuck, defeating negative and irrational thinking by recognizing achievable goals. I attempt to help all individuals stay in the present of what is, acknowledging red flags that are often neglected, and help couples recognize the actual capacity to achieve the goals of the relationship attempted. Through healing the individual level of esteem, the relationship is found to be an important part of the individual rather than the whole picture. The wholeness approach provided in my sessions attempt to identify the broken pieces that might oftentimes create codependency on the relationship to provide wholeness to the individual or to fill voids that have not been made whole prior to the relationship. My goal is not to create a perfect relationship between people who think alike. My goal is to help individuals think together. Rather than build resentment for each other during couples counseling, I help couples successfully learn to despise behaviors that create a detriment to the functionality, rather than despising each other. My overall goal is to explore whether both parties will choose each other in the end, and whether “the end” is healthy ever after.

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