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Posted By Priscilla Rodriguez on 05/03/2019 in Other

Relationship Wellness Online Class


You may be thinking to yourself why you need this class and if it means your relationship is in danger if you take this class. Well not necessarily. Let me ask you these few questions:

Are you ready to feel confident talking with your partner and knowing it won't turn into a fight?

Are you ready to learn step-by-step relationship skills that have been researched and proven to help increase relationship satisfaction?

Do you want to find ways to maintain the satisfaction you are experiencing now?

Do you enjoy learning about yourself, your partner, and your relationship?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this class if for you! This is a class for anyone who is looking to give their relationship a boost. It's a fun, modern, and accessible way to grow your relationship!

What you will learn:

This class is broken down into 8 different modules. You will begin your journey by first learning about how love and relationships impact your physiology and how self-care skills impacts your ability to interact with your partner. You will then transition into learning how to maintain commitment and trust by continuing to learn from each other and showing you care about the relationship. You will have a chance to practice different ways to engage in conflict management that is effective. Lastly, you will learn how to utilize a support network by thinking about your family and community.

Each module will have downloadable worksheets and videos explaining these skills. Along the way, you will develop an action plan for you to begin to implement these skills into your relationship! 


If you are engaged in the state of Texas, this class is part of the Twogether in Texas program. Which means that upon completion, you will receive a certificate to take to the court house and save $60 on your marriage license and waive the 72 hour waiting period.

I will be adding bonus videos that will deepen your understanding on communication, intimacy, how to bring up difficult topics, parenting, and more.

Will this class replace therapy?

  • This class is aimed at teaching relationship skills and while the skills taught in the class are similar to those in therapy sessions, this class is not a substitute for therapy and therapy will not be provided during the class.
  • If you find yourself needing more time to master a particular skill (i.e. communication skills, conflict management) you may schedule an in-person or online therapy session with Priscilla. Therapy sessions only applies to Texas residents.

Why I'm sharing this class with you?

I learned about this program in 2013 and have implemented it into my private practice. I have seen this program help many couples and want to make it available to more couples outside of my practice, and outside of San Antonio! Every couple deserves the chance to have a fulfilling relationship!