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Posted By Deborah Hecker on 05/20/2018 in Book

Torn Between Two Loves


I’ve never met you, but I know who you are. You're fiercely independent. Being driven is part of your DNA. You lose sleep plotting the course of your ambitions. You are obsessed with winning, and you want to succeed in your business, your entrepreneurial goals, and your romantic partnership.

But having it all is not easy. The stresses of entrepreneurship combined with the pressures of a romantic relationship can take you over the top. With so many people starting their own business, you’d think there would be lots of resources to help you balance the two. But entrepreneurial relationships are one of the most neglected topics out there — despite the fact that business and romance are incredibly interdependent.

This book helps you bridge the gap. It offers a time-tested partnership model so you can create a successful business and a committed relationship. You can succeed at both work and love.

Torn Between Two Loves will show you how.

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