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Testimonials from Therapists



We've collected a few of the notes that therapists have written that made us smile:

I came late to the Internet, and I came unwillingly.  So I joined on-line referral services much later (months!) than many of my peers.  I'm probably too young to be such an e-curmudgeon, but I am.
I'm now a member of four referral services, and when I ask a potential client, "How did you hear about me?" they usually reply vaguely, "Oh, the Internet..."  If I list a number of choices, they often don't know which it was.  But, when a couple makes it in to my office and I'm talking with them about my style of therapy, I can generally tell who came to me through the Registry.  When I point to the candle that always burns when I'm at work, and I say that it's my job to keep the flame of hope alive for people until they can again care for it themselves, they sometimes sigh and say, "Yeah, that's what you said on line.  We liked that."  The simple, initial reassurance that I'm not going to give up on a relationship until the couple themselves do, and the up-front expectation that they probably can and probably will get better, seems to bring me clients I can help. It's enough to make a middle-aged curmudgeon view the Internet with more favor

Amanda Franklin, M.Ed. Seattle, Washington

Marriage Friendly Therapists is more than a referral source. It is a crystallization of an idea. The site validates that it is ok, and even imperitive, that therapists take a stance vis a vis marriage. For therapists like myself who take marriage commitment seriously, who believe that marriage is good for people, and who believe that most folks who are experiencing difficulties in their marriages have potential, with good coaching, to learn the skills that could enable them to build a truly loving relationship--the website gives us a home and a clear identity.

Susan Heitler, Ph.D. Denver, Colorado

I am so thankful to be a part of this website listing for many reasons. I specialize in working with couples.
I receive at least 4 new clients a month through this website. These clients are motivated to work to save their marriage. Most are fee for service.
I refer inquiring clients that I can not accommodate to this web site to locate other trained, experienced, pro-marriage therapists in the area.
I use “Marriage Friendly Therapists” in my marketing materials, along with my clinical membership in AAMFT.

Kristin Hall Sliwicki, LMFT Libertyville, Illinois

I have found the registry to be extremely valuable. I am receiving an increasing number of referrals from couples who are wanting to preserve their marriage, who have gone to other therapists and gotten little satisfaction. The registry gives potential clients the ability to get a good sense of what I do and how I do it, as well as a clear understanding of my stance as a marriage advocate. I highly recommend the registry.

Martha Lisa, M. Ed. Winter Park, Florida

There are two reasons why I belong to this group. First and foremost, this groups' philosophy is very compatible with how I practice couple's therapy. Second, most of the referrals I've received from Marriage Friendly Therapists have tended to be couples who are interested in a working with a marriage friendly therapist who will help them reclaim the connections they've lost. If your approach to couples therapy is similar to this group's philosophy, I would encourage you to consider becoming a part of this group.

Sincerely, Charles Joanides, Ph.D., LMFT Newburgh, New York

I have been very pleasantly surprised at the number and quality of the referrals generated by the Registry of Marriage Friendly Therapists.

Michael Elkin, LMFT Marblehead, Massachusetts

At least half my referrals come via an internet search, and most often, new clients say it was due to the high placement of the Marriage Friendly site. I know the Registry is working for me, because I often have couples travel from other parts of the DC metro area in order to meet with me. That is saying a lot, because the traffic gridlock here is among the worst in the country. I appreciate the couples who take the time to search for a marriage friendly therapist, because they are often more motivated and more committed to the hard work of repairing a damaged marriage. The cost of the Registry is repaid many times over by the increase in referrals.

Beth Spring, LMFT Reston, Virginia

Here in West Texas, people still tend to "park in the back" when seeing a therapist, especially for marital problems, so they like the internet resource.  I'm getting more direct referrals, and the majority have resulted in couples therapy.  I'm not sure why, but all but a few initial contacts have been from men, most of whom called after reading about MarriageFriendlyTherapists and my profile. People referred from other sources also appreciate the information.  It looks very professional...and saves me time. I highly recommend this service and welcome any questions.

Shery French, Licensed Associate Psychologist, San Angelo, TX

Being on the Marriage Friendly Therapist registry has been a great asset to my practice this year. When couples reach me through the website, they are entrusting me with their marriage which they often fear they are losing. We begin therapy with a shared value of creating a powerful, healthy relationship. I also really appreciate the community I have stepped into with Marriage Friendly Therapists. I share the website with people around the country and can trust that the therapists on the site are experienced, well trained and committed to marriage.

Maureen Campion, LP Burnsville, MN

We are delighted with the Registry. We have received several clients from it and they are good clients-- motivated to work on their marriages...
You are doing an important job!

Appreciatively, Colene Sawyer Schlaepfer, MFT Folsom, CA

I have received at least six new referrals this year from marriage friendly therapy.  This means approximately $3,000-$6,000 extra income that I would not have received otherwise.  The ads give a very professional and pro-marriage image.  Thank you for providing this excellent service to marriages and therapists.

Kent R. Brand, LCSW Florence, Alabama

I have been listed on "MarriageFriendlyTherapists.com" since its inception. It has resulted in numerous clients and has increased my work with couples - an area I have always preferred. I have included my personal page on the listing on my business cards, and it gives me great, personal exposure to potential clients. I am pleased to be among those who have accumulated the level of education and experience needed to be on this list of dedicated professionals.

Ed O'Brien, PH.D., LMFT Dallas, Texas

I'm very proud to belong to this group since I know that the only therapists who belong are those whose credentials have been thoroughly checked and it has been established by top people in the field. When my annual bill comes to join the Marriage Friendly Therapist Registry, I gladly send in my renewal! I get lots of referrals through this source.

Karen Sherman, Ph.D. Plainview, New York

I have found the registry to be a solid source of referral. With the profile, couples have an idea of who they are meeting and how I work. You are making a difference.
Thank you again, for your leadership.

Robert I. Mathis, Ph.D., Columbus, Ohio

I have recently joined the Registry of marriage friendly therapists and must say that in my almost 20 years of experience this is perhaps the greatest professional opportunity I have come across.   A "balanced pro-commitment stance" has been in my heart but not language until this point.

Michael J. Sannito, L.P.C., Director of Behavioral Sciences, University of Oklahoma-Tulsa, Department of Family Medicine

I appreciate being part of the Marriage Friendly Therapist Registry because it is a referral service that has integrity, a focus and purpose and is based on understood values. When I communicated my concern about whether gay and lesbian couples were included in the "marriage" category I was assured that absolutely they are. This is certainly a timely issue! I have gotten referrals from MFTR and each one has been a referral that has made sense and I have been a good fit for these couples.

Ellen Ledley, LCSW Santa Monica, California

I have truly appreciated the opportunity to distinguish myself from other therapists who "see couples" vs being skilled and specifically trained therapist in couples counseling.  Belonging to this referral network has helped me specialize my practice, allowing me to do the work I love most - helping couples repair and strengthen their relationships.  Thank you.

Karen Barry, LMFT Davidson, North Carolina

I think the marriage friendly therapist website helps clients identify therapists who diminish their fears about couples counseling always leading to divorce. The client's who have called me from the website feel reassured and helped by it. As a therapist the clients who have called me have been interesting and motivating. I recommend this website.

R. Hope Eliasof LCSW Midland Park, New Jersey

I receive several referrals and they are quality referrals - couples who want to save their marriage that buy into the ethos we express.

Brad Nowlin, LMFT Overland Park, Kansas

I think your efforts have been very important.. I have only been a member for a year, (in practice more that 25) .. I notice...referrals I have received come in feeling that I am an advocate for their marriage and for the concerns of their children, in sitting with me, they understand that this advocacy is also inclusive of their respective personal concerns as well...so whether they stay together or do not, their capacity for fair relating has been, I believe, enhanced.
I believe that standing for the long term interests of all concerned, for the practical value of the institution, and for the capacity of couples to grow, individually and together, to learn how to engage in deeper dialogue, and to begin to appreciate the real privilege that engaging together in the laboratory of marital life and commitment can be. This is more possible because of your efforts and the existence of the registration of marriage friendly therapists....so good for you! And good for all who have the courage to engage one another for the sake of love and fairness between them and their family members.

Regards, Jane Buhl LP, Burchrunville, Pennsylvania

The Directory provides referrals from couples interested in working on their committed relationship. I received six referrals in the first three months on the directory. However, it is the type of couples who come in that I value. They have done their research and are clearer about their goals when they call my office.

Jim Thomas, LMFT, Approved Supervisor Lakewood, Colorado

I have found that the clients who have contacted me through the registry are really motivated to work on their marriages and make changes. It has been a pleasure to work with them. I think it is an important statement therapists can make; there is a definite need.

Kathy Jaroscz, LCSW Corte Madera, California

Many of my clients have found me through the Marriage Friendly Therapist website. Most of them report that they want to see a therapist who is trained, skilled, and experienced in working with a relationship as opposed to working with two individuals. They also state that they want a therapist who is pro-commitment, as explained on the website. I acknowledge that these clients represent a sample bias, but I am convinced that there are many couples in the larger population who desire what a Marriage Friendly Therapist can offer them. I am pleased to be one.

Kind regards, Gordon A. Gunnell, MS, LMFT, LISAC Phoenix, Arizona

Many of my clients have found me through the Marriage Friendly Therapist website. Most of them report that they want to see a therapist who is trained, skilled, and experienced in working with a relationship as opposed to working with two individuals. They also state that they want a therapist who is pro-commitment, as explained on the website. I acknowledge that these clients represent a sample bias, but I am convinced that there are many couples in the larger population who desire what a Marriage Friendly Therapist can offer them. I am pleased to be one.

B. Hibbs, Ph.D. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I have received several new referrals from this website!

Jane Baker, LCSW Tempe, Arizona

I appreciate the referrals I have received as a member of marriagefriendlytherapist.com.  It is rewarding to work with the young couples who want counseling before they marry to ensure their ability to communicate and begin to be able to negotiate conflict in the relationship.  Young couples who have the opportunity for counseling early on in their relationship have a better chance to have an emotionally satisfying relationship over the 'long haul.' Thanks for the referrals you have sent over the past few months.

Best Regards, Ann Kennedy Langley, Ph.D. Redwood City, California

"As a clergy person I will share your website with my colleagues. We need to know which counselors to send our people to and this is one of those gems which needs to be broadcasted more completely."

A Minister in Minnesota