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Evanston Marriage Counselor David Johnson

David Johnson, LCSW

David H. Johnson LTD

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Couples Therapy

I really enjoy working with couples.  I love helping them learn the skills that are needed to have and maintain a fulfilling relationship.  While attraction and falling in love just happens, maintaining love and meaning over the long haul requires some real “know how.”

In sessions, I have couples talk to each other and not through me as an interpreter.  My approach allows me to see the strengths and weaknesses of each couple in real-time so that adjustments can be made immediately.  For example: when couples experience “empathic listening” for the first time, it is very powerful.

Here are some of the typical issues addressed in couples therapy:

  • The “way” people are talking to each other
  • Taking turns; shared speaking time
  • Empathic listening skills
  • Mutual responsibility for all aspects of the relationship
  • Connecting and teamwork
  • Valuing and appreciating one another
  • Addressing resentment and regrets
  • Addressing conflict and power struggles

I do not believe it is my job to advise couples on life choices and values. Rather, I equip them to have meaning and fulfillment with each other. That truly is my commitment for each session and each couple. I will work with any intimate system, including, but, not limited to marriages.

I would love to get started with you and work with you to see all the new improvements take place! Call, (847) 475-3017, or email me for scheduling and/or questions. You are also welcome to visit my website,, for more information.

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