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Aventura Marriage Counselor Stan Hyman

Stan Hyman, PhD, LCSW

  • (305) 933-9779
  • 2999 NE 191 Street, Suite 703, Aventura, FL 33180, USA
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For more than 20 years I have been helping individuals, couples, families and business partners build relationships that work better and bring new creative solutions to their lives.

I have helped couples struggling with infidelity and the aftermath of an affair to learn how to rebuild their trust again.

I have helped bickering, argumentative couples who have not been able to communicate without fighting, begin to relate to one another again as friends capable of having meaningful conversations.

Couple or relationship counseling is driven by partners taking personal responsibility for their own behavior and contribution to the relationship.

Couples often form dysfunctional patterns of relating to each other. This can cause them to get locked into a sort of repetition loop where they keep getting into the same type of downward spiral (arguments) over and over again. They become conditioned by this and that becomes their norm.

I help couples to forge great relationships by breaking dysfunctional patterns or bad habits and, perhaps for the first time, connecting with each other as friends and partners.

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