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Madison Marriage Counselor Suzanne Kilkus

Suzanne Kilkus

Heartspace, LLC

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Marriage gives us an everyday opportunity to live fully, mature into our best selves, and open to love’s gifts. Sometimes the teacher is pain and struggle that can come in the form of communication problems, sexual difficulties, arguments, and infidelity to name some common ones. We wonder where the love and attraction went when we’re focused on the struggles. I know it’s possible to create everyday happiness out of pain, struggle and conflict. It’s possible even when you don’t think it is. I’ve learned this over 30 years of professional practice and my 41 year marriage.

Working with me involves being willing to change, learning new skills, and taking responsibility for what you bring to your relationship. I don’t take sides and I guide couples to stop blaming each other and themselves so that your energy can be spent on solving the issues and creating the relationship you want. Some changes can happen quickly, some take more time.

Attention and focus are part of the process that leads to healing and change. Learning what to pay attention to, how to say what you need to say, listen to what you need to listen to, and reconnect to each other in ways that are good for each person and good for your relationship are all part of the process.

To learn more visit my website, I encourage you to call me now at (608) 239-9127 to discuss how we can work together.

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