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Couples who search Marriage Friendly Therapists are looking for pro-commitment therapists. They want to save their marriage or relationship. That’s what makes us different than many registries.

We’re not a listing of 20,000 therapists of various specialties. Every therapist on our site is specifically trained in couples counseling. We are the premier resource for couples to locate prescreened, well-trained, pro-commitment therapists.

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I have truly appreciated the opportunity to distinguish myself from other therapists who “see couples” vs being skilled and specifically trained therapist in couples counseling. Belonging to this referral network has helped me specialize my practice, allowing me to do the work I love most – helping couples repair and strengthen their relationships. Thank you.

Karen Barry, LMFT – Davidson, NC

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  1. Verify your credentials. Three years experience working with couples (may include internships), active license, and specific training in marriage and couples counseling.
  2. Apply. Takes about ten to fifteen minutes.
  3. Go Live. Set up your online profile. (We’ll help if you need it.) We then verify your credentials and add you to the Registry.

How We are Different

  • List of the best therapists in marriage and couples therapy
  • #1 marriage therapist directory in North America
  • Prescreened, verified couples therapists
  • Increased therapist credibility
  • Supported by leading authorities

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I have received at least six new referrals this year… $3,000-$6,000 extra income…
Thank you.

Kent R. Brand – Florence, AL

Get the Benefits of Membership

Some of the Perks of Joining the National Registry of Marriage Friendly Therapists:

  • See more motivated couples clients
  • Personal profile review
  • Telephone customer service
  • Easy web set up
  • Low cost ($286 per year)
  • Individual branding for you
  • Get interviewed as an expert in opportunities like these on The Washington Times and Chicago Tribune
  • Referrals from clergy, marriage education agencies, physicians, and professionals

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Join the Registry and be listed among the most qualified, best couples therapists in the nation.

The National Registry of Marriage Friendly Therapists is a fantastic resource… to find a therapist I could implicitly trust even though I didn’t know the therapist.

Rob Scuka, Ph.D. – Bethesda, MD

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Give us a call at (949)607-7493, send us a message, email us at or ask a question with this private quick contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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