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Couples Counseling Training Webinars

Upcoming Webinars

Dr. Susan Heitler Presents

Conflict Resolution: A Core Competency for Conducting Effective Therapy

February 16th, 2021 @ 9:00 AM PST

From this webinar you will learn to:

  • Draw the map of the 3 steps of win-win conflict resolution
  • List at least three of the multiple errors therapists often make when guiding clients toward effective solutions to their problems
  • Recognize win-lose (dominant-submissive) and lose-lose conflict resolution patterns

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Past Webinars

Lori Carpenos Presents

Things They Didn't Teach Me in Graduate School

January 13th, 2021

For over 33 years, as a practicing LMFT, Psychotherapist in West Hartford, CT, Lori has witnessed people learn how to access their innate health regardless of their situation or circumstance. Her role is to coach people through transitions such as divorce, loss of a job, or a loved one. She also helps people alleviate stress, depression and anxiety through a new understanding of the human mind.

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Charles Brantley Presents

When Therapists Hit the Wall

December 3rd, 2020

In this webinar, Dr. Brantley talks about when therapists hit a wall. During this pandemic many therapists are stretching themselves to accommodate the large numbers of clients that are seeking help. Dr. Brantley talked about how we as therapists can push ourselves beyond our limits, about setting healthy boundaries, and strategies for maintaining our own mental health and relationships.

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Mark Burton Presents

Individual Therapy for Couples Problems (ITCP): When Partners Won’t Participate

November 12th, 2020

This presentation will outline the significant risks of providing ITCP. We will discuss ways to reduce risk, research on ITCP effectiveness, and approaches that can maximize therapy’s benefit to your individual client’s relationship.

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Michael Elkin Presents

Internal Family Systems (IFS) for Couples Therapy

Octover 20th, 2020

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a powerfully transformative, evidence-based model of psychotherapy. Michael will be presenting soon the IFS approach to couples therapy. Participants will learn: (1) the basics of IFS therapy, (2) the IFS approach to couples, and (3) an effective approach to contracting for couples therapy

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