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Posted By Danka Bogott on 05/24/2019

Don't Do What They Did - The Single Biggest Mistake

Don't Do What They Did - The Single Biggest Mistake

The Single Biggest Mistake - Don't Do What They Did - PART I

You will not believe how long I debated.

Over and over again, how many times I talked myself out it - I lost track.

But when it happened again for the I don't remember which number of times, I knew I had to do something.

Let's get right to it - I know you're dying to know.

How do I know that?

Because you are here.

So-- What IS the single biggest mistake that couples make when they reach out to do couples counseling?

Take it as a warning of sorts - so that you won't end up being the next couple that this happens to.


And I mean that in the most genuinely caring way.

I almost think of it as an public service announcement.

I held onto it far too long - Now word needs to get out.

The Single Biggest Mistake - SO THE STORY BEGINS

It wasn't that dire of a state when it all started.

They knew they needed help.

They were both on the same page about it.

They looked around to see about their possibilities, they compared notes, they ended up reaching out and taking the first step.

They spoke with me on the phone - it's what I have everyone do.

Schedule the initial phone consultation to make sure that I am a good fit for both.

He scheduled his.

He showed up.

He talked with me.

She did hers.

She spoke with me.

Separate conversations, separate times.

From the comfort of their home, behind closed doors at their office, or in a previously-reserved conference room one floor up from where they normally sit.

There was no doubt they were both sincere about their demise.

It was clear they both wanted to do something about it.

They let me know I seemed like a good fit, thanking me for my time and my support and said they would be back in touch about next steps once they connected with each other.

Like I asked them to.

But then -- something happened.

I didn't hear from them.

Life is what must have happened.

They never reached back out.



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