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Posted by Mitchell Milch on 08/31/2018

My Treatment Philosophy

Psychotherapy: Every Day People Solving Problems Of Every Day Living

Will you talk to anyone about your relationship except your partner because discussions are exasperating, painful and depressing cycles of attack and counterattack?

Do you find yourself feeling compelled to please your partner, failing no matter how hard you try, and getting no respect and consideration for trying? To make matters worse do you find yourself unwilling to stand up for yourself for fear of being rejected and/or abandoned?

Does your self esteem rise and fall like an unstable stock market as if everyone controls how you feel about yourself and how you treat yourself except you?

Do you expect perfection of yourself and others so as to feel unhappy with yourself and others, and leaving others hurt and unhappy with you?

Do you ever feel so empty, numb or cut off from yourself that the pain of feeling useless and worthless to yourself and others drives you to drink, drug, eat, gamble, spend, or have sex to escape your misery?

If so you are not alone and I can help. I will provide you a place of safety and security where together we will answer the question: What tools, strategies, and mindsets do you need to learn from myself for you to improve the quality of your life?

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