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Marriage Friendly Counseling & Therapy Referral Resource


Questions about using Marriage Friendly Therapists as a Referral Resource


Your need for a reliable referral resource for marriage counseling is one of the main reasons we created The National Registry of Marriage Friendly Therapists


There is good marriage counseling happening out there, but it's hard to know which marriage counselors are "marriage friendly".

Make the Registry Visible


If you refer a couple to a marriage friendly therapist, we ask that you let the couple know the source of the referral and, if possible, inform the marriage counselor that you received his or her name from the Registry. Because Marriage Friendly Therapists is supported by therapist fees, it will remain successful only if therapists know that couples come their way through the Registry.


We are recruiting new therapists every day on the Registry, there may not yet be therapists in your area. We encourage you to let marriage friendly therapists that you know of in your area to apply to join us. This helps more couples in your area.

As a clergy person I will share your website with my colleagues. We need to know which counselors to send our people to and this is one of those gems which needs to be broadcasted more completely.

Minister in Minnesota

How to Make Referrals


The Registry is searchable using location information and/or keywords to find the therapist who best suits a particular situation.